1st Library Event & Book Signing

I had my first library event and book signing last evening at the Harrison Public Library!  It was great to see how vibrant libraries are reinventing themselves!

There were 20 people there.  We sold 14 books.  Most refresing was the notion of an evening of discussion…a bit of a lost venue.  No television…no internet…instead a discussion about my book and the themes that it plays off.

My book is about strengthening voices.  I talked about my voice disorder and the calling it has come to represent for me to help strengthen the voices of others.  At Hancock Lumber, that translates into a desire to create a company where everyone leads…where everyone feels heard and valued.  At Pine Ridge, it translates into encouraging people to look inward for their own personal source of strength.  This was the tradition of the Lakota represented in the Vision Quest rite of passage.  Finally, for me, the concept represents listening to my own inner voice and allowing it to be free and served.

This book is definately striking a cord with people.  I can feel it.  They tell me…they write me.  The feedback is incredibly sincere and powerful.  I think there are a lot of people SEARCHING for a bit more meaning…SEARCHING to transcend “busyness”.

Wopila Tanka!