Hello! In the spring of this year I am publishing my next book! 48 WHISPERS from Pine Ridge and the Northern Plains is a hybrid of sorts. First, it’s a photography book featuring full-page photos that I have taken at Pine Ridge, the Black Hills, and across the plains. Second, it’s a personal and organizational development journal of hope containing 48 thoughts which I describe as “whispers.” Each whisper is exactly 248 words in length and honors an idea meant to spark personal growth, organizational excellence, and social harmony. The book will be available for pre-order soon and I will let you know when that time comes!

In the meantime, I’m inviting you to join me on an idea-sharing adventure! In support of my upcoming book (48WHISPERS) I intend to write a series of short essays honoring the sanctity and potential of the individual human spirit. There is a divine light that dwells within us all and my inspiration in my work and writing is to help bring that ‘spark’ to the forefront of our lives.

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The organizational structure of human society was long ago designed to compel us to look EXTERNALLY for direction, solutions, leadership, and control. This has been an intentional exercise and has produced an empire-centric view of our world. Employees exist to serve their company, followers, their church, and citizens, their state. These institutions have done some good through their centralization of power but they have also done some bad. Regardless, in virtually all cases, the common denominator is that the individual is advertently made small before the capital, the kingdom, and the crown. True power, we’ve been taught, lives “out there,” beyond our reach.

I’m interested in flipping that script. The goal is not to eliminate human institutions but rather to refocus them on dispersing power, not collecting it. The salvation we seek requires looking inward. The real power source of humanity lives dispersed and WITHIN us all. Each of us is a spark of divine light, a never-to-be-repeated gift. Institutions should exist to celebrate and accelerate self-actualization at an individual level. A great company, therefore, should serve, honor, and ignite the talents of the people who work there.

The twenty-first century has the potential to mark the ascension of decentralized power, but for that to happen, the traditional model of leadership and followership must be reinvented. My upcoming book and supporting online essays are dedicated to pursuing this goal.

Here’s an early look at the back cover of the book, which contains the titles of each whisper. This will give you a sense of the ideas 48 WHISPERS contemplates and explores:

48 WHISPERS – Back Cover

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My outreach to you is dedicated to the advancement of a single question:

What if everyone on Earth felt trusted, respected, valued, and heard?

What might change?

I think it could be everything.

Many blessings to you.



—Kevin Hancock


* * *
Thank you for considering my thoughts. In return I honor yours. Every voice matters. Between our differences lies our future.