“Attention is the rarest & purest form of generosity.” – Simone Weil

I want to start with something funny.  One thing I love about Pine Ridge is the powerful sense of humor and playfulness that lives in the hearts of the people there.  I recently gave a small amount of money to a friend from Pine Ridge.  As soon as she received the money she sent me the following text:  “OMG!  Wopila Tanka (big thanks)!  I am going to repay you as soon as we get the Black Hills back!”

I laughed all day from that one message!

I also wanted to share with you that my book (NOT FOR SALE – Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse) won another award from the National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) based in Santa Barbara, California.  Each year, the NIEA gives out four “Sponsor’s Choice Prizes” to four books that they feel represent the best of what independent publishing has to offer.  Each prize gets a major promotional package.

My book ended up being selected and awarded the “Radio Media Tour” promoted by Conscious Media Relations (CRM) (

As a result, the book is going to be professionally marketed by their agency to over 3,000 radio shows seeking “personal development/self-help/conscious living/wellness/spirituality/transformational” guidance.

You can read more in the link below.  As someone who has helped me or been passionate about the book, I wanted to share this with you and say Wopila Tanka!

This all makes me happy because, for me, this whole exercise is about raising awareness & connectivity between the “tribes” of the world and inviting self-reflection on an individual level.  As the Lakota knew long ago, tribes are made strong one soul at a time.

It’s not about selling books for me…it’s about sharing and spreading ideas…strengthening the voices of others!

Thank you for help me spread the word!  In the Aquarian Age…readers (not publishers) sell books!

Kevin Hancock