Finding My Voice in the Land of Crazy Horse with Author Kevin Hancock

In this podcast, Kevin Hancock speaks to Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley about his books, Not For SaleThe Seventh Power, and 48 Whispers. They speak about the challenges that losing Kevin’s voice presented and how he was able to overcome and feel that his new condition was a gift. Kevin shares about his journey to Pine Ridge and the lessons he learned while there, especially about leadership. He and Wendy also discuss how sharing leadership not only helped Kevin with his voice disorder, but to help empower the voices of others.

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Here are a few highlights from the podcast (click here for the full transcription):

  • The people there and their culture have a lot to offer the rest of humanity, the planet earth and modern society, and really become comfortable talking about that, that their community is often thought of as a past based community. But what I really came to see is they, in my view, are carrying wisdom through, in large part, their intimate connectivity to nature, carrying wisdom that is desperately needed by humanity in the 21st century. (11:22-12:09)
  • I think you’re valuable, powerful, meaningful, interesting, fun. All of that. You know, the community needs economic resources, but it needs non-economic resources too, it needs that connectivity and respect and empowerment and love. And that’s the part that really has been meaningful for me. (17:04-17:34)
  • Freeing people to speak with their own voice, that makes management and leadership exponentially easier. I cannot tell you how much easier leadership has gotten here once we chose to share it and disperse it and simply meet people where they are. I wrap that up with this simple thought because for me that summarizes it. It’s that idea that nothing has to change in you for you to be amazing. (29:40-30:15)

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