Humanizing “refugees”…makes the truth of what America should do easy to see…

Devils Tower, photographed by Kevin Hancock
Devils Tower, photographed by Kevin Hancock

Hello!  This video humanizes the Syrian refugee crisis.  Whenever you humanize a situation the truth surfaces.  President Trump’s current position of distancing America from refugee challenges is the opposite of what should be done and who we are as a country.  

“Refugee” – a person who has been FORCED to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster…

This video follows Mohammed Alsaleh and his work to help Syrian refugees in Vancouver.  He himself is a refugee…once tortured and imprisoned for wanting freedom for his people and country.

Mohammed Alsaleh quotes…

  • “My generation was dreaming about having freedom” (before 2011)
  • “It’s so normal now to open your computer and see the death of your friend (back home) on social media.”
  • “It’s heartbreaking to see the country you grew up in get destroyed.”