It’s Time to Rethink Winning

Having competed in sports and business my whole life, I understand the traditional view of winning. Winning is about supremacy and thus requires defeat. For every winner there must be an equal and corresponding loser.

The Roman Colosseum is an early manifestation of the consequences of losing. Here men fought to the death. For you to live someone else had to die. We can trace this primal reflex back to Joseph Campbell’s summation: “Life eats life.” Life endures by consuming itself.

Transcending ancient survival instincts is essential to advancing consciousness. In a world where we are allconnected and related, winning is only winning if everyone advances. My focus has been to bring a more holistic and sustainable view of winning into the world of work, commerce, and capitalism.

A company cannot win if employees lose. Conversely, employees cannot win if the company loses. Employers and employees either win or lose together. For a company to succeed, a “competitor” does not have to fail. That’s finite thinking. Infinite thinking recognizes that the volume of success in the world can expand exponentially. There is no limit to the amount of happiness, love, and self-respect that humans can generate, give, or receive.

Winning is now collective. It involves us all. Armed with this alternative view of triumph, you no longer have to root against anyone. Helping anyone advances everyone. No one has to lose for you to win.