Kevin Hancock to Speak at Chief Executive Leadership Conference

Hancock Lumber and the Business of Shared Leadership are excited to announce Kevin Hancock, Chairman of Hancock Lumber and award-winning author, has been selected as one of the six world-class speakers to present at the upcoming Chief Executive Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ. This 2-day conference will allow attendees unparalleled access to the realm of extraordinary growth and strategic foresight and address today’s most challenging/emerging opportunities in the workplace.  

Speakers at the event

Kevin will be joined by the following world-class speakers at the event: 

  • Patrick Lencioni, Bestselling Author 
  • Ram Charan, Bestselling Author and World-Renowned Advisor 
  • Carolyn Dewar, Author and Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company 
  • Verne Harnish, Author 
  • Fred Reichheld, Legendary Bain Consultant & Creator of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Over 300 executive-level attendees will be on-site for the conference, deeply immersed in the curated agenda to answer the question, “How are the most effective business leaders getting their teams to innovate, adapt and execute to position their organizations for sustainable success?” 

Kevin Hancock

During his session titled, My Silence: How a Setback Taught Me a Better Way to Lead and Inspire, Kevin will have the opportunity to advance his personal mission to advance humanity and help other CEOs and their teams gain the advantages of fostering a culture where everyone leads, power is disbursed, and every person feels trusted, respected, valued, and heard. Fortunately, not everyone has to lose his or her voice to learn how the power of shared leadership can transform an organization, and ultimately, oneself.     

What an honor it is to have Kevin Hancock invited to speak at this coveted event, taking his knowledge and learnings beyond Hancock Lumber’s walls and broadening the mission to advance humanity, one human at a time, in the place of work. To learn more about the conference, agenda, or to register please visit: 

To learn more about the Business of Shared Leadership and Kevin Hancock’s mission, visit or