Let The Wind Blow Through You (Me and Pine Ridge continued)

I am writing a book about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and the people of Oglala Sioux Tribe who live there.  Along the way I enjoy sharing my experiences through pictures I have taken.  This video follows my third visit to the Reservation where I; participated in a dedication ceremony for a new house that was built from materials our company (Hancock Lumber) donated, attend Pow-Wow and the annual rodeo, visited Black Elk’s abandoned cabin and traveled to the Black Hills to climb Harney Peak where I gave a prayer in honor of Black Elk and the Lakota people.

[wpvideo iHxdokZu]

I encourage you to read the book ‘Black Elk Speaks’ and stay posted for my book coming in 2014!  Please share this video with others as I am inspired to create more AWARENESS of the history of the Lakota people and more ENCOURAGEMENT for them as they let go of past injustices and build an independent future for themselves, their families and their communities.  The spirit & depth of this video is meant to be watched on an I-Pad or computer (not a phone).  It just requires a quiet 15 minutes for reflection.  Thank you!  Doksa Ake!