The Apology

The sign in front of this housing cluster at Wounded Knee symbolizes the longstanding ineffectiveness of government at Pine Ridge.
The entrance to one of the housing clusters in the village of Wounded Knee, modern day.

I was driving through the Black Hills after my second trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation when the idea hit me.  AWARENESS, in and of itself, is a powerful act.  More government programs won’t change Pine Ridge.  What is needed is a sincere, thoughtful apology; recognition of what happened.  So I grabbed my journal…took out my pen…and began to write.  I wrote an apology.

Then I had another idea.  What if the apology went viral?  What if thousands upon thousands of people signed it and passed it on?

Please visit the apology I wrote at the following link:

The Apology

From there you can sign on to the apology…add you name to the list…and then pass it on!

If just 100 people sign onto the apology with me, and then share it with 10 more people each, in just 4 steps this apology will reach 1,000,000 people.  In Sioux culture, the number 4 is considered sacred.

“Apologies aren’t meant to change the past.  They are meant to change the future.”

-Kevin Hancock (Casco Village Church.  September 27, 2015.)

Join the apology and pass it on!

Wopila Tanka (Big Thanks)!