We are transitioning from physical to spiritual beings

Below is Whisper #44 from my latest book, 48 WHISPERS, which is a collection of photographs and personal meditations created across a decade of travel to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the surrounding northern plains. 

There is a metamorphosis playing out across human history that’s hard to see because it’s exceptionally slow.

We are transitioning from physical to spiritual beings.

Early human history was defined by short lives and the day-to-day struggle for survival. It was kill or be killed. Eat or starve. The world that surrounded prehistoric humans was dangerous and required constant survival energy. Weekends, hobbies, vacation, and retirement were all constructs that would not be realized for eons.

Despite how you might feel on certain days and despite the trauma all humans still endure, there is significant change occurring, and the transformation is accelerating before our eyes.

In 1900 the average human life expectancy was thirty-one. In 2017, it was seventy-two.

We are transitioning from physical to spiritual beings quote bubble

In 1776 the typical agricultural work week was close to eighty hours. In the 1840s the average American factory worker spent sixty-eight hours on the job. Today the average work week in the United States is forty-four hours.

Humans are living longer, working less, and acquiring time. With this transition comes the opportunity for reflection, service to self, and the capacity to transcend mere survival mode. As the physical dimension becomes easier to navigate, we shift toward the spiritual plane. We are evolving. We are a species in transition.

Human progress is not linear, and not all cultures, communities, and individuals are equally safe and secure. By expanding the conditions of safety for more people, we accelerate the spiritual journey for all.

We are spiritual beings in physical form.

Sunrise over the horizon