Working Together


I have often found in business that the most powerful concepts are right in front of us in plain sight. Builders and suppliers have always “worked together” but today at Hancock Lumber we see a much deeper commitment forming that is redefining what this means. In our new economy ACCURACY and EFFICIENCY are the keys to increasing profitability. When there was more than enough work to go around the supply chain inefficiencies could be dismissed or “out run” because everyone had so much work. Today, improvement comes from better planning and more collaboration designed to get things right the first time.Team sports have been a big part of my life. What I love most about this business is that we need each other to be successful and that our interests are aligned. When an order is filled on time and accurately we both win. When an order is incomplete, wrong or late we both lose. Getting things right is MISSION CRITICAL to you AND to Hancock Lumber.Across our company today I see builders and Hancock representatives coming together like never before to PLAN together to make orders accurate and efficient. In the last four years we have reduced credits (mistakes) in shipping and billing by 66%! In just the last 6 months we have increased our average delivery size by 35%! FEWER – BIGGER – MORE ACCURATE transactions benefit everyone. For our customers, reducing paperwork, reducing credits, reducing shipments simply means more time for YOUR core activity of building, selling and servicing your customers. Together we are making material procurement more streamlined and efficient and I am super excited about the benefits this will bring to our customers and company in the years to come. Time invested to get it right the first time is high value added activity and I see us partnering with our builders like never before to accomplish this. We are truly committed to being BUILT TO DELIVER for you! Thank you for playing a leading role in accuracy and efficiency!