Motivating Transformational Leaders Program by DoorTwo

The Motivating Transformational Leadership program (MTL) is a multi-dimensional cohort retreat for organizational executives seeking to elevate corporate performance by uplifting the employee experience. The program guides participants to first find their own unique leadership voice and then encourage others to do the same.

What do you stand for? What do you believe in so deeply that there will be no white flag upon your door?

And how does that belief transfer to a more engaging employee experience and heightened team performance?

The MTL program is a structured quest for becoming your best self and then parlaying that personal transformation into an energy giving work experience for your organization’s employees. Work should be meaningful for those who do it and companies can soar to unprecedented heights on the wings of thriving humans at work. Decades of Gallup workplace polling data have linked sustained corporate success to customer engagement and customer engagement to employee engagement. MTL takes the next step and links employee engagement to thriving leaders. Leaders must fill their own cup, and keep it full, in order to allow their teams to do the same. In this way MTL is a “mirror up” experience in which leaders become the change they wish to see.

The MTL program was designed by DoorTwo Consulting (Long Beach, CA) in partnership with family business executive Kevin Hancock, author of the book THE SEVENTH POWER – ONE CEO’S JOURNEY INTO THE BUSINESS OF SHARED LEADERSHIP. The course combines DoorTwo’s decades of proprietary workplace behavioral science learning with the personal leadership experiences of Kevin Hancock as CEO of Hancock Lumber Company through the partial loss of his voice to a rare neurological speaking disorder.  The less Kevin talked and the more he shared power, the higher the organization soared.

The MTL program is designed to transcend past based leadership models rooted in hierarchy, bureaucracy, and centralized control in favor of dispersed power, shared leadership, and meaningful work. Across this 3 ½ day retreat, program participants will lear to:

  • Release their authentic voice and channel this heightened awareness to the highest personal, corporate, and common good.
  • Create human capacity, free up time, eliminate stress, and make the place of work energy giving for those who do it.   
  • Achieve third-party tested employee engagement levels of 90%, nearly three times the national average, by helping everyone at work feel trusted, respected, valued, and heard. 
  • Position your organization for sustained record setting levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Use the place of work to advance humanity one employee at a time. Change is created first within, then beside, then beyond. 

If you are in search of deeper meaning, clarity of voice, engaged employees, peak organizational performance, and humanity’s trajectory then this program is for you.   

Upcoming Program Dates:

  • October 21-24, 2024
    • Asheville, North Carolina

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“What if everybody on Earth felt trusted, respected, valued, and heard? What might change?” 

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