DoorTwo Workshop

Welcome to “Motivating Transformational Leaders (MT)” by DoorTwo. You are about to embark on a great journey of introspection, education, and change.  This program spans nine months and includes a small cohort of carefully selected participants.  Guided by three facilitators, your class will have the opportunity to develop a deep bond meant to last for years and strengthen over time.  Together we will set standards and examine excellence in corporate leadership and work culture creation.

The mission of MT is to transform business leadership, corporate performance, and the employee experience.  Offered exclusively by Door Two consulting in partnership with award winning author, speaker, and executive Kevin Hancock, MT has been carefully designed to offer you and your fellow participants a pathway to heightened personal and professional success by learning how to release the authentic voices and leadership skills of your employees.  Companies can soar on the wings of thriving humans at work.

Upcoming Program Dates:

More dates coming soon!

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