Five Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society

In this interview, Kevin Hancock reflects upon how traditional views of leadership have caused disruption, inequality, and misrepresentation throughout history. “Leaders of established organizations have often ‘over-reached.’ By this, I mean that those with the most power often abuse it and go too far.” He goes on to say that the quest for equality and diversity depend in part upon a change in leadership style, to one where voices are heard and respected. At the end of the article, Kevin is asked to share his five steps to help create a new style of society.

#1. Make peace within yourself. 

#2. Recognize that social change requires everyone to make a move. 

#3. Listen for understanding, not judgment.

#4. Rethink ‘winning.’ 

#5. Change the world right beside you. 

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