Maine InnKeepers Podcast Link

Hello!  I did a live Facebook podcast with the Maine Restaurant and Innkeepers Associations today!  On October 24th I am speaking at their 1st annual Maine Hospitality Summit (

Here is a link to the podcast…:

At their conference we are going to be talking about leadership strategies for pushing power out from the corporate center and strengthening the voices of others.  The goal is to create an organization where everybody leads!

Check the podcast out and, if it speaks to you, pass it on!

Books can always be ordered at!  All orders placed on the site are signed and personalized!  $20 per book…free shipping!

On that note, we crossed a nice milestone recently passing 5,500 copies of NOT FOR SALE – FINDING CENTER IN THE LAND OF CRAZY HORSE  sold or in distribution!  As a result, we have placed the order for our 3rd printed edition which we be out this fall!

Thank you for being you and for being interested in the messages and ideas we are testing and sharing around new leadership models for the modern age!