Third Printed Edition of NOT FOR SALE – Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse launches!

Hello!  The third printed edition of NOT FOR SALE – Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse arrived from the publishing company today!

The book first launched in the fall of 2015 and we now have 6,000 copies sold or in distribution.

To celebrate, now through September 30th, we are having a big sale!  For every two books ordered, you will receive a third book free!  Order four copies and receive two free (and so on)!  Enter coupon code BUY2GET1FREE at checkout! Shipping during this period is also free and all books will be personalized and signed.  A single book is $20.

This new edition has an updated front and back cover, as well as some new inside cover material.  Simply go to and place your order, as this special is not available through any other distribution sources (only on the book website).

Also, if this book has spoken to you, now would be a great time to post a good word for the book on Amazon, the book website or through your own social media outlets.  As I am now fond of saying, in the Aquarian Age, readers (not publishers) sell books by sharing their experiences with others!

In closing, I heard yesterday from my friend Pinky Clifford at Pine Ridge that the South Dakota Governor was on the Reservation last week and Pinky gave him a copy of my book, which he tells her he is now reading!

Helping people seek, find, and share their own true voice is the mission of spreading the word and continuing to share the story! Thank you for being a part of that objective!  Wopila Tanka (Big Thanks)!

Kevin Hancock