Fate and the Healing of a Hurting World

I have a dear friend from Pasadena, California, named Tom Shenk. He’s one of the most accomplished executive coaches and business leadership consultants of his generation. And fate brought him into my life.  

We’ve known each other for just four years, and yet he’s affirmed, refined, and sparked many of my most valued beliefs around transforming business leadership into a humanity-advancing occupation in which companies soar on the wings of thriving humans at work.

Tom is the co-founder of SSCA—now called DoorTwo Consulting—based in Long Beach, California. One of the many great people in their firm is another dear friend, Anna Baldwin. Anna is a consultant, trainer, and executive coach at DoorTwo who lives in North Carolina.

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But get this: Anna’s sister, Lisa, lives in Casco, Maine, my hometown. Furthermore, Lisa doesn’t just live in Casco—she lives in the house I grew up in. Like myself, Lisa and her family are active volunteers at the Casco Days fair, held annually on the last weekend of July. As a result of our shared community service at Casco Days, I became connected to Anna through Lisa. Lisa then introduced me to her firm, and, ultimately, to Tom.

Today, in partnership with Anna, Tom, and DoorTwo, we offer an executive coaching program designed to accelerate corporate performance through shared leadership, dispersed power, and respect for all voices. Or, as Tom puts it, we offer a program for business bosses who want to use their platforms to heal a hurting world. This is Tom’s personal mission. It’s what drives him to keep working, learning, and coaching into his retirement years.

My personal mission can be explored through the potential of two questions: What if everybody on Earth felt trusted, respected, valued, and heard? What might change?

I believe everything would change.

Our personal missions—shared, refined, and guided by Anna’s passion for the same—became the basis for our executive coaching program, titled MOTIVATING TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP. All of which started at Casco Days.

That’s fate, which requires the pursuit thereof, which requires listening deeply to your own voice. The key to finding is seeking. We get what we relentlessly pursue.  When we pursue our authentic voice, the Universe conspires to help us. Is this way, we contribute to creating our fate.      

To learn more about the national executive coaching program fate sparked at a small summer fair in Maine, please visit https://doortwo.com/motivating-transformational-leaders/.

Love and light to you!