Stay On Your Mission

The current state of American political discourse has a negative impact on society’s ability to engage in productive dialogue and respect the views of others. It’s loud, denigrating, and non-collaborative—pretty much the exact opposite of what we would like our elected leaders to mentor and model.

So one day I just decided to stop listening. I turned them all off. 

Stay on your mission quote bubble

Why? Because I have my own mission that I want to advance, which is showing respect for all voices, and I’m not willing to be deterred from that pursuit by someone else’s negative energy.

Our political system has several systemic problems: First, it’s a zero-sum game. I must defeat the opposing party to be victorious. Second, the incentives are short-term. Humanity’s challenges require long-term focus, yet our electoral system runs in two-year increments. Finally, the drama gets 24/7 coverage. The more outrageous the rancor, the more attention one receives.

What happens in Washington is important, but it shouldn’t be all-consuming. Approximately 330 million people live in America, yet only 537 of them are elected to serve in the House, Senate, and White House. Ultimately, it’s what the non-elected do that defines our country.

In the age of 24/7 news, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the ability to stay focused on your own mission is foundational to personal health and effectiveness.

I claim my energy as my own. Aware, yes; distracted, no. Transcending diversions is my Buddha-like responsibility. In an age of constant noise, you still control the dial.

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