The Gift of Ideas

106I participated in a small leadership workshop recently where there goal was simple…acquiring a piece of new learning…putting an idea in your head that had not been there before.  The program was a reminder that growth is an intentional act…you have to be looking for new ideas, wanting to think differently.

It all reminded me of the vision-quest rite of the Sioux.  I have studied that rite and come to believe that the biggest step in the vision-quest process is the first one…seeking.  “The spirits will meet you half way,” as the Lakota say.

Over a year after my book, NOT FOR SALE, launched I am still sharing and acquiring ideas connected to that story.  Below is a link to a talk I recently gave to the Portland Rotary Club.  I wanted to share it with you becasue it’s Christmas and ideas are one of the most valuable gifts we can exchange…

Mitakuye Oyasin!  (We are all brothers)