We Need More From Business and It Starts With Listening

In this podcast, Kevin Hancock speaks with People At Work host Bev Attfield about his journey to finding an employee-centric business model and developing a workplace culture where everybody leads and every voice is respected, valued, and heard. Kevin shares how devastating feeling unheard can be, both in the workplace and in the community, and he has developed a way to embrace all voices at Hancock Lumber. By sharing the leadership responsibilities with everyone, Kevin has decentralized the power and spread it across everyone in the company. He shares the impact this has had, economically and socially, and how it can be utilized for any community, not just the workplace.

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Here are a few highlights from the podcast (click here for the full transcription):

  • And I think that it starts within ourselves, even to be more specific. That the leaders need to change the way they approach leadership, the way they think about listening, the purpose of listening, the power of showing respect for all voices. (10:07-10:32)
  • It is a manifestation of nature. It is a manifestation of the divine and the individual is a sacred power source of its own. And I think that really is where we’re headed. (23:35-23:53)
  • In nature, the leadership power is dispersed. It lives in all aspects of nature. And because humans are a part of nature, not separate from it, we ultimately are on a long arching path of aspiration to live in harmony with that natural rule. (27:06-27:33)

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