Humans at Work Keynote

In October, Kevin Hancock took the stage at the LBM Strategies Conference as their keynote speaker, which had a record turnout. A captivated audience listened to him share how a few key ideas have helped transform Hancock Lumber’s culture over the last decade and lead to transformative results. Attendees came away with numerous insights and best practices to implement in their own businesses, including many from Kevin’s keynote titled, “Humans at Work.”

Watch the full keynote below and share any feedback directly with Kevin Hancock via email!

In his LBM Journal publisher’s letter following the conference, Rick Schumacher wrote about the impact Kevin’s talk had on attendees:

“In the weeks that have passed since LBM Strategies 2022 was held in Denver, that concept of the LBM Community has only gotten stronger. Here are just two reasons why:

Kevin Hancock took a deep dive into that concept in “Humans at Work,” his opening keynote presentation at the LBM Strategies Conference. Kevin is passionate about the power of shared leadership, and how it drives deep employee engagement. It’s a message that resonates strongly in an industry that’s struggling to attract and retain good people. And, since Hancock Lumber has been named a Best Place to Work in Maine for nine consecutive years, clearly there’s something to it.”

Hancock Lumber’s Chief Marketing Officer, Erin Plummer, attended the event and shared the “Top 10 Takeaways” from Kevin’s keynote address with Hancock Lumber’s employees and customers.